Thatcherism, a Thatcherite’s dream
Dreamt at the shores of privilege
See the injustices of welfare and the state
And so release their bile, their hate

Listen, I have dreams and ambitions
I have ideas
What I don’t have is empowerment
What I don’t have, doesn’t let me in the government

Thatcherism is about strivers they say
People who work hard
What’s wrong with working hard? When Thatcherites inherit
All of daddy’s income, don’t you get it
I work hard, I work hard, I work hard
Selling my labour without complaint, my physical labour
You sell your brains by showing a piece of paper
Who works hard, a labourer with 56 hours or 24 hours
Pen pushers a week
The latter pays more than half their wages
And the pen pusher tax evades
He pushes to tax evade
The evader, the traitor, the see ya later
Working hard
Working hard to avoid what’s due
The see ya later, I’ll keep you as bait, that’s the clue-
for Thatcherism, the secret of hard work
They never tell you

Thatcherism, a Thatcherite’s dream
Dreamt under the cages of privilege
Out to teach the world how to live
Darling, If I lived like you, I couldn’t live
Extravaganzas aren’t my thing
Bling bling isn’t meaningful
In fact it’s quite tearful
The global South
We should all be shameful

Working hard should be different
Working hard, hard to make the world
An equal place
There is no Marxist agenda
Neither it a gleeful plea
This is not about ideologies,
Nor about politicians
And their superficial policies
Like world peace smiley face kiss kiss
I am a realist, abolish it please

This is about equal chances
Equal opportunities
To live, breath – Exist
As humans and not mere economic agents
This is about humanity
And this is about quality
Quality of human life
For humans to thrive alongside one another
As a sista and a brotha
As equals
That’s it.

Videos of my spoken poetry here:


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