Why are we obsessed about the dick?

You hypersexual, incompetent good for nothing MAN
You fucking slow strolling bastard
You arrogant motherfucking prick
You lightey, whitey seeking Sahib
I fucking hate you

Why are we obsessed about the dick?
I hate to say this, I hate to write this
But sometimes you just say to yourself, fuck it
I don’t speak about honour bullshit
I aren’t covering your fucking back anymore
I don’t speak to White people
This is for brown men who hate brown women

I can’t even speak
White supremacy made me hate your dick, you dick
Made me think all brown men are the same
I read Malcolm, hooks, all these Jesus fucking, I love em books
But some days I just want to shout FUCK YOU
You always want a Whitey, or lighty
Yes, I’m decolonising, and I love me brown, I love me dark
I’m fucking PISSED
Why are we not good enough for you?
I’m so done
I’m getting me a glorious dark skinned QUEEN
I’ve gone search fucking
Surrounding me with a dark skinned Kwin
No phallic gazing
No searching, desiring, wanting the validation by dick anymore
Yes, safe spacing in all her dark skin that I fucking love
Safe spacing in all her dark skin I love fucking
I like my women Bee Bee Double YOU

But, but, still
The dick still seeps through
It stars at me as she’s eating me out
Between the fingers we’ve laced together
Dreaming in heaven
The juices of salty tears running down my leg
I cry

I’m a failure in the face of a prick
The temples I love kissing
Is made to feel nothing in face of dick
It’s not even her fault
I’m speaking, thinking about the dick
And he didn’t ever treat me right

Why are we obsessed about the dick?
When they don’t even treat you right
Have I just become the dick
That isn’t treating her right


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