What is feminism – In three points


Feminism is the struggle against the symbolic use and ownership of women’s bodies, in order to meet the desires of men. Miley Cyrus’ 23 video demonstrates this struggle excellently. Cyrus is scantily clad surrounded by three fully clothed men. It is utterly ridiculous that in the 21st century women’s abilities are still based solely on their bodies and only for the consumption of men.

Feminism however also recognises intersectionalism, which is demonstrated by one youtube commentator on Cyrus as the following ‘I’m all for rap videos with sexy women dancing or singing, but damn, this was repulsive’. What it shows is that patriarchy holds different values and norms for women of colour and white women. Had Cyrus been a Black woman, Cyrus would have been ‘sassy’ or ‘promiscuous’ rather than ‘repulsive’.

Finally, feminism is also the struggle against a static concept of gender identity. Cyrus’ video is considered by some as ‘vulgar’, men and women in this case therefore suffer from hyper masculinity and femininity which are social constructions.


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