My response to Richard Dawkins’ response to Twitter scandal

Sweet Mother Mary (no pun intended) my response to Richard Dawkins.

Richard Dawkins I’ve decided is an elitist twat and a very very ignorant man. Like .. says, he is most definitely giving it a bad name. He remains ignorant to the fact that he is coming across as aggressive and irrational and theists, and this is taken from his response to Twitter. This is my repose to his response.

Disclaimer: This will contain a lot of colloquial language, I’m Northern and from Yorkshire BORN AND BRED, but I do this London ting ya gets me, becoz I CAN. Also I am agnostic.

So here goes, these are some of his responses I’ve picked out (in Italics), my response are in normal font.

OK, maybe you aren’t strictly a racist, but most Muslims have brown skins so you are in effect a racist

Incidentally, the reverse is not true: huge numbers of brown skinned people are Hindus or Sikhs or Buddhists. But in any case, I’m a lot less interested in skin colour than you seem to be. I don’t think skin colour has the slightest bearing on ability to win Nobel Prizes, whereas it is highly probable that childhood education in a particular religion does. Educational systems that teach boys only memorisation of one particular book, and teach girls nothing at all, are not calculated to breed success in science.

‘it is highly probable that childhood education in a particular religion does’ Oh listen to yourself mate. All Muslims are stupid/Islam makes you stupid? Where’s your evidence to prove that literally all Muslims are stupid?

Well, quoting an undeniable fact may not be bigotry in itself but you left an offensive, though unstated, implication dangling on the end of the fact

You may be reading in an implication that I didn’t intend. Since (unlike many tweeters, apparently) I am firm about Islam being a religion and not a race, I certainly didn’t, and don’t, imply any innate inferiority of intellect in those people who happen to follow the Muslim religion. But I did intend to raise in people’s minds the question of whether the religion itself is inimical to scientific education. I don’t have the answer, but I think it is well worth asking the question. Has something gone wrong with education in the Islamic world, and is it a problem that Muslims themselves might wish to consider? Just to throw in a separate piece of information, colleagues lecturing to aspiring doctors in British universities inform me that Muslim students boycott lectures on evolution. And I have myself interviewed, for television, pupils and teachers at one of Britain’s leading Islamic secondary schools – one with impeccable Ofsted ratings – where I was informed by a teacher that literally all the pupils reject evolution.

Again listen to yourself. ‘Is it a problem that Muslims themselves might wish to consider?’Hmm dunno maybe they have other important things on their minds like war, famine, poverty? (etc.). ‘I was informed by a teacher that literally all the pupils reject evolution’. Have you interviewed EVERY single Muslim who rejects evolution, all 1.6 billion? Homogenising prick.

Cambridge University, like other First World Institutions, has economic advantages denied to those countries where most Muslims live.

No doubt there is something in that. But . . . oil wealth? Might it be more equitably deployed amongst the populace of those countries that happen to sit on the accidental geological boon of oil. Is this an example of something that Muslims might consider to improve the education of their children?

Britain’s the 5th largest economy (I think), why are there foodbanks? For a scientist you are a pretty stupid man, in these oil rich states, oil has pushed up interest rates and inflation and has rampant corruption, which is why many poor people have little access to this ‘oil wealth’.

Trinity College is a Christian foundation. Its full name is “the College of the Most Holy and Undivided Trinity”.

Er, yes, that could be kind of the point. Christendom has moved on since 1546 when the college was founded. If Islam has not moved on during the same period, perhaps Muslims might consider asking why, and whether something could be done about it. That was sort of why I added the final sentence of my original tweet: “They did great things in the Middle Ages, though.”

Yayy Christian Euro-centrism everyone! #ElitistScience bruvers and sistaz. Also brown Muslims don’t count as European, no surprise der.

Muslim scholars gave you algebra and alchemy

Thank you, I’ll take algebra. But alchemy? Are you sure you want to own alchemy? In any case, once again, a substantial half of my point was that Muslim scholars did indeed grace a golden age, so it is all the more poignant to ask what went wrong and what should be done about it.

What Dawkins, Algebra’s the shit blud. ‘that Muslim scholars did indeed grace a golden age, so it is all the more poignant to ask what went wrong and what should be done about it’ Wait what? I thought Science was about cooperation and not competition. Also there is probably many Muslims studying Science (pan Science, yeah and what? I am a Political Scientist, not a real science tho blud..) Maybe if we [Pan Europe yup] stop snubbing their [brown floods ya’all in da East somewhere] universities maybe they’ll get a chance brova.

How many Nobel Prizes has Richard Dawkins won?

This is getting silly, it really has the scent of desperation but it was tweeted remarkably often. I am one person, Muslims are 1.6 billion.

Yes you ignorant man, and those 1.6 billion Muslims sprawl across the world so whats your point?
Read his full wanky response here:

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2 thoughts on “My response to Richard Dawkins’ response to Twitter scandal

  1. I happen to think you’re picking on the wrong man, he’s against bigotry and ignorance and all too often religious educational establishments don’t deal with scientific theories in a fair way in my opinion. If what he wants is for boys and girls of any particular faith to be educated as well as everyone else, what’s wrong with that?

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