Life’s living

Sat at a café bar
An empty chair in front of me
And life’s living tic tocs away at the side
Parents, students, professionals and labourers

All to a purpose, and I sat here
Sat in a café with an empty chair across
How has my day been, how was work?
Non-one asks from the chair

If I stay here all day, would anyone notice?
What now, how to spend the endless days
While everyone else chats to their non-empty seats
About non-essential things
That I long for too

Sometimes the emptiness hurts like labour
I crawl into the foetal position and hold out
And moan like a knife is wedged and held, blood spilt
Other times I stare at the mirror and hold my face
And sigh the woos away
Then like a child I turn away and stomp
And sulk into deep sleep
Damp pillows
Have soaked the rivers that have bled
From my eyes

Next day a new day again
At the café
I watch the young couples, as they stroll hand in hand
First date with blushing cheeks
They leave, all smiles
The professionals with stern faces
Or anxious ones – promotion or let down
Builders geared up to made things
I look on, life tic tocs away, living

Everyone living like celebrities
Tattoos, naked skin attitudes
I’m beaten to the curb
In this city, everyone is happy
I only see bricks and beating hearts.


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