Western Neutral: Separating Common Culture From “Whiteness”

Pretty much sums up everything regarding the notions of ‘acting Black’ and ‘acting White’

Media Diversified

by Kayla Ancrum

This article references the very first article I wrote on diversityHow to Write Women of Colour and Men of Colour if you are White. This article was requested by a reader who wanted further explanation on the term “Western Neutral” which I used in my previous article when explaining how to write POC.

The first time someone ever accused me of “speaking white” I was maybe seven years old. 

The concept completely baffled me.

My mother is a speech language pathologist, I grew up in a middle class multicultural neighborhood, I went to a gifted school and I live in the midwest.

Literally everyone around me sounded exactly the same.

So, why on earth was this tow headed, yellow bellied, idjit kid accusing me of “talking like a white person” when literally everyone within shouting distance of us spoke with the same exact midwestern standard dialect?

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