Dear girls (woman freedom)


It has been a long tough struggle
Being told to conserve all the womanness in you
So that one day someone comes and gives you means to live for
Not now, not ever will this thought be renewed

These policed bodies will eventually tire out
And are tired out
From the propaganda of shame you pout
Using your fictitious books and man words
Making us full of doubt

Comes the glorious day of discovery
Like the sun rising in a story that had been full of bleakness
Dear girls
After surprises and pants, and feeling disgusted,
It has been ok, it has been ok

You’re rose opens up to unveil itself
As something beautiful and natural
Dear girls
You no longer have to be ashamed for who you are, what you are
You are part of an international movement
Of womanhood. And everything is ok
Woman freedom, you are a woman, and everything is ok
You are a woman with a rose
That should not be hidden away,
The world of roses is what keeps this world going
Woman freedom
Woman world.


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