The perfect picture by the middle class White man

Giggles giggles giggles from the stupid blonde blue eyed
Tall and attractive fucking female
Don’t worry, she’s of course intelligent, I’m just jealous

And I’m not afraid to show it

Jealous that she can fit nicely in the perfect picture frame
All perky, pretty, nice and neat to be enjoyed by the eyes of the beholder
Smelling of rose petals, soft and innocent
Her pink skin glowing,
A flawless radiance oozes

I want to slide those giggles off her face
I want to colour her in, scribble scribble scribble
Colour her eyes and nose, especially the nose,
The nose, especially the nose
I want to hole punch her face out
I want to take the frame and smash it into millions of pieces
Against a hard solid wall, damp from last night’s rain
I want to silence her giggle
And I want to shred the whole thing out of my history

And that’s what patriarchy does for you
Makes you fight amongst each other
That’s the success of patriarchy
Fight amongst each other, so you don’t fight the patriarchy
On a film frame framed like that
Intersected oppression, divide and rule
Job done
Beauty standards, the perfect picture
Framed by middle class White men
Only the film framed is my life
And that’s such a pity


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