Re-routing Remembrance

Media Diversified

by Nirmal Puwar & Sanjay Sharma with Kuldip Powar


Scene One: 6th November 2002, Commonwealth Memorial Gates, London. The Queen inaugurates the Memorial Gates, Constitution Hill, Hyde Park. The main inscription of the Memorial reads ‘In memory of the five million volunteers from the Indian sub-continent, Africa and the Caribbean who fought with Britain in the two World Wars

Scene Two: 11th November 2010, The Cenotaph, London. The chimes of Big Ben are followed by a lone bugler playing the strains of the Last Post. A seven year-old Johnny Osborne, wearing a beret and his great-grand-uncle’s medals – who died on the battlefield in World War I – lays a cross with Flanders poppies inscribed with the words “Thank-you, for not forgetting”

Scene Three: 11th November 2010, The Albert Hall. A small group of Muslim protestors set fire to a giant poppy. During…

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