(H)uslin in ma flashy car, gizz a job

I’m a brown boy on a lost island
My jeans hang low, for sure
MC’s, rappers,
Some Tupac Shakur
Plays in my ears, loud
I rap about stacks of cash, and pretty nice racks
I’m shown
By the ladiez
And like pests I roam streets I don’t own
But think I own, visiting tomb stones of
Shottas gone by, where’s the time gone by,
A flown

I drink beers with the guys, but on the down low
In seedy clubs I dance around girls I don’t know
I own this place, I hustle, hustling on un-lighten hustled streets
I shake hands, my hands cup with cupped handed friends, friends I just met
Their beady eyes, diverting, looking right and left

I drive around in big booty cars
I attract fitties, slags in drag galore
My windows are tinted for those sinning nights
Or when I sit calm and ready, steady go, pick up and drop off
Some shiny crystals, and avoid a fight
Mans got to do what he’s got to do init
Spin it, so I got a win it

(H)uslin in my flashy car, gizz a job
Mans a broke man, let’s face it
These are cruel hustling streets
I can speak
Gizz a job

Got no job, cannot talk without a look of
What the fuck
You know what I mean??
I cannot sell a contract to a stuck up poncy
On his umpteenth investment in Chelsea’s whatever takes his fancy
Neither can I call the German chancellor to ‘chill’ with the investments in manufacturing
And instead allow Britain to gizz a job
And a break,
So our mans can get on it, on a proper cheap rate
(H)uslin in ma flashy car, gizz a job

Some manager will show me out
With an unfortunately unsuccessful application pout
I don’t have the three months experience of packaging
And staggering with it to some fork lifter, un-caffeinated driver
Perhaps a better striver, but between me and you, he is in fact a skiver
So mans got to stick wiv (h)ustling init

Right off I trot in my flashy car, I arrive at my ma’s house
I’ll MC the night away, maybe tomorrow I’ll get lucky
I never get lucky
(H)uslin in ma flashy car, gizz a job


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