Terrorist or victim?

Claws tear away at the inside my ears
Fresh flesh flow hot seems of angst, pain and tears
The blood drawn from the emptiness
Of a life lived, full of midnight bitterness
The pillows and four walls
Hear cries of an oesophagus’ screeching calls
When will a new life shine bright?
When can Afghanistan fly its kite?
Never, say the fat cats profiting
As they draw their chips to their chests, sitting
Sitting and smoking and drinking
And I am sat here, thinking
The clock never waits for anyone
The blood continues, call someone, there’s no-one

So what happens in this situation?
Should they sit still, pray for a new nation?
No no. Would you sit and pray?
Would you sit and pray while blood spills everyday
What you would do, these men do
Out to reclaim their due
Peace- peace is an ironic way
Achieved in a way that causes decay
But they do because it’s an action
They have to do something for their inner satisfaction
Those cries that peel inside their minds
Like a new form of foot bind
Is unimaginable, undeniable, pain
Death as numbers, lives gone in vain
A nation crippled by other nation’s gambling
Left them begging, gagged and tangling
On a rope, stretched, fears breaking
A careerist continues faking
Things taken for granted. Only when you’ve lost one
Remember this is 24/7 for this man

When I’m walking on a beggar street
I ask myself, at what point did we accept a defeat
Look at the glumness smeared on my child
No not my child
I never asked for this, I never planned this
This wasn’t the work of His
This was planned by bullies and bad luck
But I can’t sit and duck
That’s it. What is this weapon, what does it do?
I don’t want the education, or your money times two
Take me to that land of arrogance, superiority
I have what they want, I’ll give them what they gave me – inferiority
Let their children cry, let their rivers spill
Let their cities crumble and fall, under one person’s will
I am a child, only a child
I’m old, why me, I want to live
I have a family, I have a life


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