Child Stars – Stars In Their Own Eyes

Charlemagne tha God who is an American radio host criticises Miley Cyrus for acting ‘ratchet’ since the age of 16, for you and I who doesn’t understand what that means, I think he means ‘a bit rough and tumble, or black ghetto’, but without the hangovers of actually being a member of a black or ethnic minority group. What his comments made me realise is how sexualised the music industry is, only joking! There are no surprises there, what is however more disconcerting is the sexualisation of children on TV. I mainly refer to child stars such as Miley Cyrus who have grown up on our screens and have had to adjust their styles for the eyes of the shockingly misogynistic critics and sexualised industry.

This comes after watching and listening to Cyrus’ new single ‘We can’t stop’, a badly written song, where Cyrus thinks she is being rebellious, daring and cool. As someone her same age, she isn’t being rebellious, daring or cool, her ‘sexy’ video and her ‘bold song where she sings about partying hard, and breaking all the rules etc, is mind-numbing. It has obviously been written by a middle aged man who thinks he is cool and imagines this is how young people live ‘nowadays’. The song is boring and repetitive and offers nothing new to our intellectual capacity. We’ve all been there and done that, and frankly it is monotonous, expensive and tiring, she does not have to make a song and lie about her ‘good times’. In fact Cyrus is celebrating only a phase of youth, and assumes that all people like her will continue to party their lives away their whole lives. Frankly that’s far from the truth, after a few years of this party lifestyle everyone eventually loses interest in it, and it becomes a one a week or a one fortnightly event. Young adult celebrities like Cyrus who have been in the entertainment industry as children are however are living in fictitious worlds where they are moulded to act a certain way. This is surely child abuse since it prevents them from developing into mature adults in a healthy way, and living a normal life when going through such important years of self-discovery and development. Of course, this song clearly shows that Cyrus is still going through this development. Her virgin image along with others (i.e. Justin Beiber – sexualisation of both genders) are unhealthy, they are also oxymoronic, while in one way they are promoting sexual control, on the other hand they are sex as mysterious, when in fact it should be discussed in a healthy mature manner.

Cyrus’ lack of understanding sex and relationships is shown when she is groping a girl in her video and making out with a Barbie doll in a pool. For normal people (I hope) homosexuality is nothing new, why is this being sensationalised, kissing a doll is Cyrus’ way of being unruly, yet kissing the same gender in the 21st century is not really a big deal at all, so who is she surprising? If Cyrus concentrated less on trying to shock people and actually spent more time in improving the quality of her lyrics then she wouldn’t have to try so hard to be noticed. Instead she sings in a monotone and so just comes across corny.

Coming back to the whole party girl lifestyle, why is this even an attractive lifestyle? Hangovers are horrible and not attractive at all. In fact looking through the years of Lindsay Lohan, just looking at her aging face would make any young person want to puke and pray away from lethal levels of alcohol and drugs. Also Cyrus has been exposed to the party scene at an early age, surely at 20 it must have become boring. What is the difference in getting hideously drunk in different cities is not a life changing thing, and in fact what is the point when you won’t even remember it. Cyrus also has a younger following i.e early and pre-teens, (and this is not just specific to Cyrus, Bieber also falls into this category amongst other child stars), the system is therefore normalising their behaviour preventing normal experiences of growing up. These young stars want to grow up fast, not is it only problematic for their own growth but they also expose their abnormal reality to the rest of society. And when these stars attempt to wander off into self-destructive paths of drugs and alcohol, media scrutiny often fail to realise that they are acting as self-fulfilling prophesies for these stars, not only do they feed their imaginary worlds by constant reports, they also help to destroy it, during their downfalls. One only has to look at the likes of Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton. It is the system within the entertainment industry.

The sexualisation on kids on TV is not sensationalised ideal, it is very real and very worrying, The desire for fame and shock factor shows the lack of psychological development these young child stars go through. There needs to be change.

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